Create Memories… Travel Together!

Written by guest contributor Dixie Cote, Mill Spring Travel

Travel has been so very important to me, and to our family, over the years. When I look back on our lives and the years when our children were growing up, it’s the times that we traveled together that are the memories I cherish most. There is nothing that draws a family closer than ‘vacating’ their everyday lives and getting away together. In my business I have the opportunity to encourage clients to make an investment in their family and take an adventure together.

Over the years our own family has stood atop the Eiffel Tower as we celebrated our daughter’s dream come true. We have cheered on the beach in Oregon, celebrating our son’s accomplishment as he completed a 3800 mile bike ride across the United States. We have cuddled together under wool blankets on the deck of a cruise ship as we marveled at Alaskan glaciers calving into the sea. We have stood in awe as we looked up at the Redwoods and beheld the oldest living things on our planet. And we have cried at the magnificent beauty of the Swiss Alps.

And now that our children are grown with families of their own, my husband and I are traveling and creating new memories. As we reflect over the past few years we cherish the memories of spectacular castles and lovely vineyards as we cruised along the Rhine River. We smile when we recall the lovely day we spent on an alpaca farm in Norway! We pour over the breathtaking photos of our recent trip to Switzerland and dream of returning to our beloved Alps.

Travel need not be an extravagant trip to Europe or a beach in Hawaii, however. Travel can also be a weekend in the mountains, or a kayaking trip to Maine; a quiet carriage ride on Michigan’s beautiful Mackinac Island or a cozy walk amongst the unbelievable beauty of Vermont in the Fall.

I have the privilege of encouraging my clients to dream of the special memories they wish to create, as they experience the joy, the wonder and the excitement of traveling with those they love! I help them create memories that they will cherish for a lifetime! And, as a travel advisor and owner of my own agency, I am blessed to be able to do that every day!

Dixie Cote

Mill Spring Travel, LLC.

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