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How we got started with the Birthday Signs....

Why is a Real Estate Group putting out Birthday Signs for kids all over the community?!? 

Here’s the story!  During the Covid pandemic, Matthew and Susan's son Gabe had a birthday. During that challenging time, Gabe could not have his friends over for a typical birthday party. ☹

Gabe had a small gathering of immediate family members over to celebrate his birthday, and then his friends were invited over for a "drive-by" birthday greeting.  While safety was the biggest concern during that time, social gatherings were difficult!

While looking for ways to make the drive-by portion of Gabe’s birthday party special, Matthew and Susan learned of a company in Shelby that could put a giant “happy birthday” sign in the front yard.  Knowing this would add pizzazz to the celebration, they placed the order to have the sign delivered and installed for the big day!

Matthew had made a business for years of putting signs of a different kind in peoples yards (when selling their homes), but rarely did a yard sign bring the smiles and joy that the birthday sign did for Gabe and his celebration that day!

Matthew instantly knew this type of happiness for kids in the community was worth the investment of buying dozens of signs and creating a system where they could be installed on the special children’s birthdays in the community.

And with that, “Hanks Yard Signs” was born and we started putting out huge, colorful, fun birthday displays for clients and friends.  

Soon after, HRG opened up reservations for the entire Bethesda Oaks community in Gastonia as a huge “Thank You” for the tremendous support that neighborhood has shown Matthew & Hanks Realty Group.

Then an interesting thing happened:  the community noticed the investment and commitment and supported Hanks Realty Group even more, enabling the birthday sign plan to expand to even more communities in Gaston County.

Since that time, we’ve installed literally hundreds of birthday displays in Bethesda Oaks and around the Greater Gaston community for kids and adults alike.  We have a bulletin board full of photos to prove it!  Smiles galore!!  

We’d love to help you celebrate, too…  Request a display today!

As a big THANK YOU for years of tremendous support of Hanks Realty Group, 

the following neighborhoods receive $100 off each display!* 

Bethesda Oaks

Cramer Woods

Robinson Oaks

McAdenville Village

McLean in Belmont

Cramer Mountain

Gaston Country Club area, including:


The Cloisters


Country Club Estates

Su San Farms

Kendrick Estates

Club Ridge

St Andrews

Fairfield at the Club

        Waterford Green        

Request A Display Today! 

Start the order process here and we’ll check availability and text you confirmation from the “Hanks Yard Signs”

phone number: 704-327-3883

*Requests are subject to sign and installer availability,

Requests received 3 days or less from the requested install date are subject to a $30 rush fee.