A Warm Welcome 

Written By Susan Hanks, Hanks Realty Group Stager


This week’s installment of “Susan’s Cozy Corner” is all about hospitality. There is a whole industry surrounding the word, but in this post, I am meaning the kind of hospitality that invites guests to linger a bit when they come into your home. A warm welcome. And the holidays are a wonderful time to take a look at your hospitality style, consider stepping out of your comfort zone, and enjoying your home with friends and family.
With the hustle and bustle of the season, sometimes it’s hard to even think about entertaining. Things have just gotten too busy for most of us. But isn’t this time of year the time for gratitude and get togethers and slowing down a moment to catch up and catch our breath before the New Year starts? It should be, but it seems we get caught up in busy-ness instead and the Season becomes a blur.
I would urge you to carve out a time to catch up with your friends, host a small gathering, or assemble a group for a festive dinner out. Hospitality isn’t about a perfectly decorated or spotlessly clean house – although we all love those too! True hospitality is measured by how warmly welcomed people feel when they are in your home.  🥰🎄🍷
God bless you and your gathering together this Christmas Season! 🙏🏻