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Hanks Yard Signs provides yard card rental services for various occasions (primarily birthdays) and other celebrations, offering a range of yard signs and decorations.

Customers can book our services by providing event details, including the date, location, and specific setup instructions. Full payment is due before or upon the setup.

Over 4 feet high! Some are over 5 feet tall! If you order an age to appear with the display, those numbers are 4 feet tall by themselves! Displays are between 10 and 20 feet wide.

Typically, the rental period lasts for 24 hours, starting from the setup time. Extended rental options may be available upon request and subject to additional fees.

We offer a variety of yard card designs and customizable options for different occasions… but primarily we focus on birthday-specific signs customized with big age numbers and names of the birthday person.

Our team will install the yard cards at the specified location at the agreed-upon time. Removal is typically done within 24 hours after the setup time.

If you need a certain time of day for install please do request that and we’ll try our best to accommodate! But it's subject to availability and may be influenced by factors like weather conditions and scheduling constraints.

Customers are responsible for ensuring clear access to the designated setup area. Any obstacles hindering setup may result in additional charges or adjustments to the setup location.

We'll work with you to determine the best and safest location for setup. However, certain restrictions, such as property boundaries or safety concerns, may apply.

Changes to bookings, such as dates or setup instructions, may be accommodated based on availability and should be communicated with us as early as possible.

Customers are liable for any damage or loss caused to the yard cards during the rental period and may incur additional fees for repairs or replacements.

Yes, we do. If you cancel you reservation prior to install you will receive a full refund of the amount you paid to reserve the display. Please refer to our terms and conditions for detailed information on cancellations and refunds.

To ensure availability, it's advisable to book our services as early as possible, especially for popular event dates.

Because everyone likes to feel special on their birthday! And also because birthdays are spread out across the year. We’ve tried graduation and holiday signs in the past, but because everyone celebrates around the same time, we get to make 1 or 2 customers happy and tell many more we can’t accommodate their request. So, we focus on Birthday displays instead.

Weekdays and some Saturdays but we don’t work on Sundays or major Holidays. If your install is up on a Friday or Saturday, we’ll probably plan to pick it up on Monday.

Gastonia and within 5 miles of Gastonia at the fees that are listed… or further for additional charge.

Maybe! If we have availability, we’ll try to help. Orders received 3 days or less from install date are subject to $30 rush fee.