Coastal Daydreams

Written By Susan Hanks, Hanks Realty Group Stager

In the dead of winter, we bought a beach condo. 😳 We had a vision of what it could be and now it’s coming to fruition! As we drudge through the demo, surprises, repairs, upfit and design, my Pinterest boards are keeping me going. Can’t wait to see the finished product and enjoy some warmer weather and the glorious tradewinds from our oceanfront deck soon!

Has anyone heard of “Coastal Grandmother” style? Think Diane Keaton’s Hamptons home in one of my all-time favorite movies, Something’s Gotta Give. (If you haven’t seen it, definitely watch it! Adorable!) Some hallmark elements of this style are the use of light, airy, natural materials like jute, cotton and linen, neutral colors— sand, clouds, light blues and greens, reminiscent of beach glass, and subtle nods at the coast (think driftwood and coral accents). I love it!

I would say the toughest part so far has been finding the perfect off white for the main room, which has a South-facing sliding door (which provides our beautiful oceanfront views!) and a Westward facing window, making it a pretty bright space!
I don’t use greys, I’m a warmer beige kind of gal, but am keeping this space more neutral.
If anyone knows of the perfect off white for South facing rooms, please post below! Mahalo in advance!

Changing up my inherent style for this job has been fun. At home, I would call my style more eclectic traditional with a dash of vintage. At the condo (, it’s more modern, minimalist, and a dash of boho chic with a (vintage) island vibe. 😜

I’ll always be an island girl at heart! 🏝️🌺🌈

Y’all stay tuned for the finished product and until then enjoy some selections from my well-worn Pinterest board!