River Cruise

Written by guest contributor Dixie Cote, Mill Spring Travel

I love selling travel! It is a privilege to help people plan for special trips where they can create memories they will cherish for a lifetime! And while I am blessed to be able to book all manner of travel itineraries, my favorite trips to book are river cruises.

I feel that many people have misconceptions about river cruising. Today there are many different river cruise products available to attract everyone from young couples to retirees, from young couples to affinity groups, and more. Avalon Waterways, for example, offers Active & Discovery river cruise itineraries which provide activities for travelers with varying interests, and for all energy and fitness levels. From action-packed experiences and interactive discoveries, to traditional sightseeing, Mill Spring Travel is able to tailor a vacation to suit our clients’ interests and pace.

I often hear people comment that they do not like “cruising”, and therefore are not interested in a river cruise. However, one cannot compare a river cruise to a traditional ocean cruise. River cruise ships are much smaller than ocean-going vessels, normally with a capacity of just over 100 passengers. The entire experience of a river cruise is much more intimate and personal. And those concerns which often discourage ocean cruisers (long lines to board or exit the ship, crowded common areas, impersonal service, formal dinners, long distances from port destinations to sites of interest, extra costs for gratuities, excursions, etc.) are not an issue on the smaller river ships. It is a completely different experience.

Travelers enjoy genuine camaraderie with the crew and other travelers. And, because of their small size, river ships can dock in quaint, beautiful villages, as well as in the heart of the beautiful cities they visit. Also, oftentimes excursions and gratuities are included in the cruise fare.

Travelers may think that their only option when considering a river cruise is Europe. And while Europe is still the most popular destination for river cruising, the market has opened up to include itineraries in Asia and Egypt, as well.

Adventurous travelers may wish to cruise on one of the new ships specially designed for these exciting destinations. I have booked clients on many different river cruises and all, without exception, have had a wonderful experience. On our own Avalon Waterways cruise on the Rhine, my husband and I had the opportunity to visit the inspiring cathedral in Cologne, to take a hike and experience a bird’s eye view of the beautiful city of Heidelberg, to participate in a guided tour of the picturesque village of Colmar, France (the inspiration for the village in the Disney cartoon “Beauty and the Beast”), and so much more! It was an amazing trip and we cannot wait for our next river cruise!

When considering river cruising it is helpful to have the help of a trusted travel advisor. At Mill Spring Travel, we help clients find the cruise that is best for them. Do they want to experience castles and lovely vineyards? Have they always wanted to visit Budapest or Vienna? Or, do they want to cruise during the holiday season to experience the magical Christmas Markets of Europe?!

Let us help you find the perfect river cruise for your special moments!

Dixie Cote

Mill Spring Travel, LLC.

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